Porcelain Dental Veneers

Long-lasting porcelain veneers are ultra-thin, specially-made laminates that are shaped and fastened to existing teeth. Dental veneers are especially adaptive; they can be used to straighten, brighten, and reshape teeth. Their durability and the ease in which veneers are prepared and affixed to the teeth are also advantageous.

Dental Veneer Applications

  • Discolored teeth – Veneers can be constructed in a way that they completely hide discoloration of teeth.
  • Unsightly teeth gaps – Some individuals have irregular gaps between teeth, which make their smiles seem unsightly. With veneers, we can fill those gaps to make the teeth look completely naturally spaced.
  • Crooked teeth – Teeth that have irregular shapes, are crooked or improperly positioned can be masked with the help of veneers. The result is an amazingly even set of teeth that look perfectly shaped and aligned with the rest of the teeth.

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